Saudi oil facilities attack shaking the Middle East

How to End Syria's dispute

Saudi oil facilities attack shaking the Middle East The coordinates of the now and the recognition of Syria Syria conflict time, there how to circumstances that do not know how to demise, but the essential problem is the way of demise. I, the answer is no other than the Westphalian order, process until there is a considerable complexity, we believe that 00 years lasted European Reformation and of long bloodshed in equal to or higher than that era might be followed. Up to 00,000 people were said to have died in the year over the dispute, is a situation that does not change and the situation in Japan in the year of the end of the second World War. According to some statistics, 0 years later, Syria death toll injured number is up to 00,000 people, which accounts for the total population. 00 million people or more fled the country, people were discrete from home about half of the total population 000,000 people have been with more than hitting the. The 00-year average life span was.-Year-old is in 2.0 years down to. Years of age, economic scale is also contracted, such as zero or more of the population is strong living below the poverty line, the situation of the more blown away the whole country Yes you.

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