Saudi oil facilities attack shaking the Middle East

Dangerous [Trump formula peace in the Middle East]

Saudi oil facilities attack shaking the Middle East [Middle East Memoirs] dangerous [Trump formula Middle East peace] pressure in support stop, Palestinian refugees "zero" Day, Trump US government end of the month, was announced to stop the funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). It should be noted, to change the definition of refugees to UNRWA, but that it is to be asked to significantly reduce the number of support subject. From there, hide it and then not playing cards Mr. and its surroundings that it is the [Israeli ally] is, that is the attempt is made to "solve" the problem by to forcibly [zero] the number of Palestinian refugees looks come. Growing number of Palestinian refugees UNRWA, in order to support the refugees that have occurred in Israel founding and Daitsugi Middle East war of the year, was established as a time-limited authority in the United Nations General Assembly the following year (activity started 0 years). Initially refugees registered with the UNRWA by, for example, is burned out of the residence, the West Bank and Gaza, was about 00,000 people who fled Lebanon, Jordan, and the like Syria.

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